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Local towns and villages
Nearest towns
The nearest towns are Apt and Banon, both 20 minutes away.  Apt is famous for its colourful Saturday market where you can buy all types of local produce and goods.  It has become quite fashionable in the last 10 years.  Banon, on the other hand, remains old Provence and is what everyone imagines a Provencal country town was always like.

Apt, Vaucluse                                                                               Banon, Haute Alpes de Provence

Nearest villages
Simiane and Viens, two villages perchées 10 minutes away, both have small general stores and boulangeries.  At Paillères you can hear the bells of Viens, which is perched on the near horizon.  Simiane has as marvellous boulangerie and an extraordinary rotunda, which is well worth a visit.

Simiane La Rotonde, Haute Alpes de Provence                                                                Viens, Vaucluse